A New Image

So I’ve been super busy procrastinating recently. How ironic! What I mean is that I’ve been mostly avoiding my university homework and have instead, decided to place a new look on my blog page.

When I first started out with this blog page I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, I just knew that I loved writing and blogging but didn’t really know what theme to focus on. I knew deep down that I wanted to do some kind of mental health blog since sharing my struggles has proven to be pretty therapeutic, as I’m essentially facing my debilitating fear of judgement.

I was pretty embarrassed about sharing my mental health problems because of the stigma it has behind it. But last week on Tuesday 10th October it was #worldmentalhealthday. I noticed that a lot of people I knew who I assumed had probably not struggled with mental illness had shared their stories and I realised how much of a hypocrite I had been without even realising. I had actually believed that if someone didn’t act mentally ill then they weren’t, even though I had plenty of people telling me I seemed fine; maybe a little “shy”, but other than that I seemed “happy.” Of course, my Facebook says I’m happy, my Instagram says I’m having the time of my life (as you can see —->), so I don’t blame people for being fooled.  Even I was fooled, but it’s safe to say World Mental Health Day has changed my perspective.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent. So, I’ve put a whole new look on my blog and have revolved it more towards me and my mental health, rather than jumping from one topic to another, like I previously did. I also changed the name and http address of my blog multiple times. It went from being called How to Life to The Human Mind to My Messed-Up MindHopefully I won’t change it again! I also included a few inspiring quotes here and there on my page, one of them is included on the Featured Image of this post.

My aim for this blog is to contribute towards ending the stigma behind mental health by speaking out about it without shame. I also want to offer some useful tips, ideas and to share my life experience.

Hope you enjoy,

Emily xx

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