Anxiety about Posting about Anxiety

One of my biggest challenges about creating this blog was facing my own anxieties about posting about my anxiety…ironically. For someone suffering with social anxiety disorder, one of the most terrifying things is the possibility of receiving rejection. Every time I share a blog post about my problems with mental health then the anxiety creeps in telling me: “they’re going to laugh at you”, “Just give up” etc. etc. Sharing blog posts with friends is the worst because I know there’s no way to hide from rejection or judgement when you see someone on a daily basis. Sometimes I’ll share my blog posts with my own personal Instagram and my hands will shake, no exaggeration. I just made an instagram for this blog page which you can follow @ and a twitter account under the same username. I noticed some of my friends follow the account and I already feel a little sick and dizzy…
Is it hot in here…or…?

StigmaWhat Keeps Me Going?

The battle against mental health stigma is what keeps me going. Those that stand up to mental health give me hope that there can be a future where people will realise that mental health is a real problem. A future when I can tell a friend: “Hey, I have anxiety and depression” and they’ll more often-than-not say: “OMG I had no idea, we need to take you to a therapist”, instead of something like: “Oh…well, I get sad and scared sometimes too”. Or most often: *doesn’t say anything at all*. Or *awkwardly changes the subject*. I want a future when I can also say this kind of thing without feeling shame. Why is it that when I tell people I have mental illnesses that I feel like I just murdered a child? Why is it when I see an interesting self-help book in WHSmith do I hide the front cover like I’m reading some kind of book for psychopaths? 
So you could say that, in other words, other than being quite therapeutic, this blog page is like my very own campaign or movement for change against the mental health stigma. 


3 thoughts on “Anxiety about Posting about Anxiety

  1. This post and blog is incredibly brave of you, and I say that with the upmost respect. I struggle with depression and anxiety (which you probably can’t tell by my blog, I put on a good cover-which is part of the reasons I don’t think my friends would believe me if I told them about my mental health struggles), and I’ve seen a counsellor for years. I have the same feelings of shame and fear of rejection. I can 100% relate to the difficulty of opening up to and posting about such a reality of a topic. Good for you. Know that this post of yours has left a footprint on my life. Thank you! Keep it up.


    1. Aw thankyou so much! ❤️❤️. Same with me, people think I’m just ignorant a lot of the time because I act “laid back” but that’s just how I hide my anxiety. You’re welcome! I love it when someone takes the time to read my posts ❤️❤️

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  2. Great post! I’ve had situations where I was anxious about being anxious. I didn’t want to go to my coworker’s wedding (we are very close and I call her my work mom) because I knew I would be left out and feel out of place. Then there was the pressure of having fun. It was so bad that I started crying and needed to leave as soon as I could. I was there to support my work mom and my job was done; I didn’t want to linger and feel more and more awkward as the night went on.
    I also get what you mean about telling people about your depression and/or anxiety. A common response that I often get it “Well, everyone gets sad.” But that’s not just what it is and that’s hard to explain.
    Thanks for your post and I look forward to reading more from you!


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