Deadline Stress!

Sorry I’ve been away! I’ve been dealing with a mixture of deadlines and mental illness and it’s been driving me crazy! 

As a sufferer of severe anxiety and depression at university, I am subject to extenuating circumstances on my assignments and it isn’t until today that I’ve had to use this. I really don’t like having to extend deadlines as this means I have to work through my Christmas holidays to get it done as well as having to revise for my exams in January!

Having dealt with severe anxiety and depression this month I have felt unable to concentrate or to organise my work. I’ve tried to set out plans for each assignment but even that was extremely difficult! The words on the page seem like nothing other than just…words on a page. They seem meaningless, I just can’t process them. I can’t tell whether what I’ve written is a master piece or complete sh*t.

I spend a great deal of time panicking about whether I would be granted extenuating circumstances. I had thought, what if mental illness isn’t a good enough excuse? What if they think I’m just being lazy?? etc etc. Yesterday, I sent a long panicky message to my mental health adviser with the subject “CONFUSED” as I wasn’t sure whether they would allow me to extend my deadline, even though she had already assured me that they would definitely grant me it.

Now everything is sorted and I can finally relax…I think. I’m going to set myself a time each day to STOP writing my assignments which I have decided is going to be at around 8pm. This is so that I don’t overdo it with too much working and not enough down time.

I’m honestly so grateful that the university actually recognise how much my illness affects my concentration, otherwise this situation could be a lot worse right now!

I hope to be back soon! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Deadline Stress!

  1. Oh wow, I can relate to this post so much. I hope you managed OK in the end? I produced one ‘ok’ essay, one terrible one (worst mark ever) and a 1st class piece of coursework out of all the December deadline stress, and I used all my extensions for them. It’s OK to use extensions. 😊

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    1. I had 2:1’s in all my essays afterwards so it didn’t turn out too bad! I used 2 of my extensions too! 😁 Well done to you! I rarely ever get 1st class essays myself.

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