CBD: Does it Work?

I have been using CBD oil for a while but only recently have I been using it frequently enough to become affected by it. I take it by vaping it and have not tried taking it in any other forms but intend to do so eventually.

To be honest, I am really not sure if it is working at the moment. In fact, my anxiety seems to have worsened. A few times, I have found myself close to having a panic attack on the motorway. Recently, I have found myself much more anxious and self-conscious when talking to another person. I have social phobia and am usually okay with one-on-one conversations but recently, I am even starting to dread those too. However, I have recently experienced a change in circumstances, so perhaps this is what is contributing to the increased anxiety rather than the CBD itself.

My ‘change of circumstances’ have involved finishing my degree and entering the world of work. At the moment, I work for around 5-7 hours a day and I am finding it really really hard because of my mental illnesses. I think the stress of having to work this often has caused my anxiety to get much worse. CBD has been an excellent way to help me relax in the evenings before bed. I can definitely feel the short term affects when I come home after a really stressful day and take CBD, or when I take CBD before work when I am stressed about the day to come.

HOWEVER, I have noticed that CBD seems to have greatly improved my BPD mood swings. My boyfriend did something that usually triggers me the other day and I managed to shrug it off rather than get worked up to the point I have a breakdown. It has definitely helped me be a little calmer but obviously, I am not cured from these mood swings haha (if only). I have just bought a stronger bottle of CBD which I will use when I finish my current one. It is double the strength of the one I am using now and I will try and keep you updated as to whether it makes a difference.

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